Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ready for SPRING!!!

I am so ready for springtime it's unreal! I want it to be nice outside for awhile. Yesterday I took Reese and Riley to the park in Hope, they had a great time and the weather was nice. I wish I wouldn't have had to watch their every move because there was also around 10-15 other kids there running around like crazy with NO parents there to watch them! Ugh! I couldn't hardly keep my eyes on them two for the other kids, some smaller than Reese, making me nervous that they were gonna fall or get hurt also! It was unreal how many parents just let their little kids play on the playground as they just sat in the car. So needless to say, we are ready for the playground at the school to be back! Or I'm gonna try to go during the week when it's hopefully not so packed!
I am going to hopefully plant some flowers this week or next and get started on working around the house outside! It has looked like a mudpit for the last couple of months! I'm ready for flowers to be blooming, green grass, sun shining, kiddos swimming in the pools and bbq's grilling!!!
Reese has had a little cold the past couple of days but got over it pretty quick, me and Justin on the other hand have been hanging on to ours for around a week or so now! yuck! Isn't that sweet that he shares everything with us!!
Reese's birthday is only a couple of months away and I've already been thinking about what to do! I LOVE planning birthday parties and picking out cakes and such! I get so excited!! All Reese really cares about is getting a big boy bike!!
Hopefully the spring weather will be here to stay soon and I will be motivated to get outside and to get moving! It's crazy to think about how lazy I've been this winter! I've got to lose some major weight and get some major sun on these white legs!! haha!
Anyways! Hope this week is great and the sun wants to come out to play for a while!!!

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